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Brain Controlled Wheelchairs by Toyota

Posted on 29 June 2009 by admin

Previously, we had seen brain controlled Japanese robot and Brainloop Mental Machine which enable the users to control devices and robots just by thinking.

Toyota developed the best social application of brain signals processing to help the people who are bound to wheelchairs. The user of the wheelchair just need to think about the commands of left, right turns or forward motion. All is thanks to real time fast calculations of one line EEG signals. The brain waves of the person is analyzed every 125 milliseconds and the results are translated into real mechanic movements. An accuracy of 95% was achieved.

Expect to see commercialized brain controlled wheelchairs in not very far future.

Toyota Pressrelease

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Honda Asimo Robot Remote Brain Control

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Using Brain Sensors to Control Robots Remotely

Posted on 08 April 2009 by admin

Actually I had written in one of my previous posts about controlling devices using mental power. Brainloop mental machine was a good example of this technology.

Honda Asimo Robot Remote Brain Control

I think you already know about Honda corporation’s famous robot Asimo. Now, their hardworking engineers developed a system to control Asimo using sensors which measure the electrical activity on the brain and the blood flow. Namely, EEG and NIRS. All you need to wear this helmet and think about the several parts of the robot including left-hand, right hand, feet or tongue. Asimo robot will move the part accordingly. It is known that Honda is already investing on brain controlled applications for more than four years.

Such products are still in the early stages and we should wait for an unknown time to see the robot armies clashing each other. (which surely will be operated remotely by evil mind forces)

Source : CrunchGear

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