6 Creative Bookshelves

As a fan of Lord of the Rings, I was searching in Google to find a specially designed bookshelf for the theme to buy and feed my fantasy pleasure, but the result was expectedly unsuccessful. Instead I ended up other creative bookshelves. I want to introduce you six of them randomly.

Let’s start with one of the most popular designs of Toronto Interior Design Show 2008. Bookseat: As you see, it is a combination of seat and bookshelf. Bright idea to use space efficiently and in a stylish way. I would decorate with soft pillows. From Canada, Fishbol Design Atelier.

If you like to accept guest for night staying or little living space at your home, bookcase to bed transformation is a solution. Five storage shelves surrounded by two lego-like mattress pieces. Designer: Karen Babel

Bookmen: There are 3 different designs at Any Amount of Books shop pricing around £1200 ($1700). I give designers a hint. Produce a Gandalf bookshelf and send the first one to me as a gift to celebrate your future sales success.

Bibliochaise is similar to the Bookseat; but instead of a curved design it looks like a box and doesn’t seem to be comfortable to sit on.

That’s clear. Bookshelves made out of books.

Turkish industrial designer Zeynep Cinisli designed a bookshelf “Twin”, symbolizing the connection of Asia and Europe inspired by Bosporus.

I hope you liked my interesting bookshelf design compilation. Actually, lately I have found 30 more bookshelf designs besides my compilation.

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