Amazing Full Scale Lego Cello Instrument

I am addicted to building blocks like Lego Bricks and Kapla toys. They provide limitless imagination possibilities for fans and hardworking artists. Nathan Sawaya is one of those talented guys who create art of the brick. This Lego Cello sculpture is one his works which couldn’t escape from the eyes of cool gadget lovers.
Lego Cello

Lego Art Cello

How does the Lego cello sound or sound at all? The answer is on the following DIY cello video.

I compiled also some other useful links about Lego Musical Instruments :

  1. Flickr Lego Instruments Group : They built really small compared to this cello, but there is fun still.
  2. Real Functioning Lego Guitar : All parts including bridges, pick-ups etc. are claimed to be functioning properly.Real Lego Guitar
  3. Strange Musical Instruments : There is a playable tiny Lego Harpsichord at the end of the article
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