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Manhattan Powered Brilliant GPS Map Idea

This unique map created by Shulze & Webb (A London based creative design studio) is not something regular we are used to see every day. All Manhattan in a bent 3D (without a horizon) is just under your investigation. A realistic bent in the map makes this design as a real GPS product idea. Just imagine to have this in your Garmin device. It would be much intuitive and easier to locate the target building. By the way, S&W sells 1000 limited edition of the map as a big poster at their own website in two bending variations.

Sony Mofiria Biometric System

Using Finger Veins for Biometric Security

Sony Mofiria Biometric SystemHuman body is still the central figure for security and now we have a new biometric recognition member of the family besides fingerprints and eye recognition. Sony have announced that they have developed a system to identify a person by their finger veins instead of traditional fingerprints. Each person’s finger vein patterns are different from the others, even each finger to finger on the same person. The proposed Sony system is called as “Mofiria” and uses a combination of CMOS sensor and infrared lights. The result data then compressed into a small size which can even be stored on usual mobile phones. Sony’s algorithm is fast and accurate enough to be used in gateway security systems and personal devices like computers, mobile phones. Sony intends to manufacture devices which will use Mofiria in late 2009.

Flatshare Refrigerator - Electrolux Design Lab 2008 Winner

Flatshare Refrigerator – Electrolux Design Lab 2008 Winner

Flatshare Refrigerator - Electrolux Design Lab 2008 Winner
There is a useful design competition run by Electrolux to encourage undergraduate and graduate industrial design students to create innovative, daring home appliance product ideas. In 2008 finals, there were over 600 projects from 49 countries. The winner is really a useful product design for roommates who share the same refrigerator in the room.

Austrian Applied Arts University student Stefan Buchberger’s “Flatshare” refrigerator allows each individual user to have his/her own refrigerator space which can be recognized by different colors or skins. The refrigerator consists of four of detachable modules so there will be no more fights to clean the refrigerator or blame others being so much dirty. He has won € 5000 and a six-month internship at one of Electrolux global design centers. Practical, simple but effective idea, nice real life solution and it deserves the prize for sure. Put an electronic lock as well on each module, it would be a top seller.

Official Electrolux Design Lab Website

Love Me Table


Cool Tables and Chairs of John Nouanesing

These are concepts but I would be the first to go into the queue to buy if manufactured, especially that bloody dripping red table. Enough saying. Here are the pleasure boosters for eyes from John Nouanesing.
Love Me Table

Professor Zihni Sinir

Professor Zihni Sinir : Cartoons to Reality Gadgets

Professor Zihni SinirProfessor Zihni Sinir (Nerved Mind in English?) is the creation of caricaturist (now also designer) Irfan Sayar which continues to be published since 1977. It is a showcase of very practical, curious and obviously humorous imaginary professor.

Irfan Sayar in latest years opened a workshop in Istanbul, Turkey where he gives both industrial and handmade life to some of his caricatures. I have tried to translate them with my poor English level. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them.

Double Sided Jar


The Simplest but Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Do we really need to put every available feature on gadgets together? I think the answer isn’t always a yes. These are some of the eating and drinking gadgets which are so simple but highly effective.

Double Sided JarNo more chocolate sufferings. You can get your last pleasure bits from the other side of the jar.

The delicious chocolate crème of all times (personal taste), Nutella should be sold in those.

Hey Ferrero, do you hear me?

Jar Design Source

The sister to our jar. This spoon will wipe out every last bit of liquid pleasure from the container. If you can’t reach deep to lick the yoghurt, it’s a solution. Source
Simple Creative Spoon

For example, take this multi-purpose fork and spoon hybrid. Simple and effective. It is made of titanium. So, almost forever. I know you also want one of those because of highly individual feeling it gives. Source

Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener made from steel. I just wanna drink my Dark beer, not to look for damned little opener in the kitchen. That’s it. Source



Bored of regular wallclocks? Meet Dayclock then!


Everyone mixes the hours time to time yeah! But what about people who have difficulties remembering on which day they are? Dayclock is a fun gift which will make your room ironically smarter.

We know that it is stupid but a unique idea. So we support it :)

Dayclocks Site

Brain Lamp

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Brain and Spine Lamps (Gifts for your doctor)

Brain LampHere are 2 cool gadget ways to show your appreciation to your family doctor whether he/she saved your life by doing an important surgery or just given some vitamins to fight against your influenza.

The first one is a brain lamp originated from an MR brain scan at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. The image was processed through a 3D-printer, and the result is just very impressive. Design by Alexander Lervik.

So, we go down from brain and reach to spine. Yeah, if we think that
doctors read much to develop their knowledge and skills further, the
spine lamp perfectly suits to our proposed logic.

Spine Lamp

Via Impact Lab

Birds on a wire  Lamp


Birds on A Wire Lamp

Birds on a wire  Lamp

Mexican designers Javier Henriquez and Sebastian Lara from the design studio eos mexico really made a good job stimulating our corralative minds playing with black, white and birds. As for me, I suddenly imagined the legendary movies The Crow (Eventhough they don’t look like crows) and Hitchcock’s The Birds.

ASCII Curtain


ASCII Art Tree Curtain

ASCII Curtain
Ok, we all know about that ASCII portraits of Mona Lisa, Elvis and other images for many years in our computers. Even some talented people developed programs for generating these kind of images automatically by ASCII. Nienke Sybrandy has made a further step by pressing ASCII art on a usual curtain. From distance it looks like a beautiful tree. When you approach you understand that all are just ASCII characters. A good unique application of well-known concept.

Here is also another interesting concept that we reviewed before : Magnetic Curtains