Sony SLT-A77 Digital SLR Camera


Sony SLT-A77 Digital SLR Camera Review

Sony has always been successful in creating the best thing for its customers. Its newest invention has not only become every photographer’s love but even a desire among them all. The camera has been able to get hold of the best specs in town. A small discussion would be loved by anyone.

Sony SLT-A77 Digital SLR Camera Review

Sony SLT-A77 Digital SLR Camera

It has 24.7 Mp, which are installed in order to give you the best quality pictures. The sensor size is of 23.5 * 15.6 mm and the aspect ratio given to it is 3:2 and 16:9. Looking at the monitor, it has a 3 inch screen with 921.600 screen resolutions. The focusing modes are of autofocus, spotting, multiple, face-tracking and AF tracking. The exposure control is also excellent. The shortest and longest shutter speeds are 1/8000 sec and 30 sec respectively.

It has 5 exp. modes that would be loved by every photographer. In the white balance section, there are 9 modes that can become the love of every person who uses it. Continuous shooting can be done on the speed of 12 fps. The video section has also been given a huge amount of importance. The video resolution of 1920 * 1080 has been provided with extraordinary stereo sound. Image stabilization and top class battery type has also been installed to give you the best back up support. A HDMI and USB 2 have been fitted in to let you experience the connection with any electronic appliance. It weighs a maximum of 653g and has comfortable dimensions.

Sony SLT-A77 Digital SLR Camera ReviewSony SLT-A77 Digital SLR CameraSony SLT-A77 Digital SLR CameraSony SLT-A77 Digital SLR Camera

The price tag of 1600 pounds, asks for a very limited amount in comparison to the assistance it provides to its customers. Do not wait, just go ahead and purchase this extremely awesome piece of device and capture as many memories as you can.

icade ipad 2

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iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPads for Retro Gaming Fun

This is maybe the most well-thought and innovative accessories we have ever seen for Apple iPad tablets. iCade is simply an arcade game cabinet where you place your iPad and enjoy arcade style games with the knob and buttons of the cabinet. The idea was realized by famous ThinkGeek gadgets company and they have even teamed up with Atari to bring many old-time classics to the platform. Just slide the tablet into the special slot on iCade and choose one of the 100 games from the package, surely if you are ready to spend $14,99 more for the whole game set. It has Pong game for free and you can prefer to buy 3 games for $1 on app store.

icade ipad 2

Another good news is that there will be released a special API for iPad developers soon to integrate their games to the cabinet.  By the time of writing this gadget review, iCade is sold for $99.99 on Amazon.com. Check the latest price now on Amazon and have a look at what customers are saying about it.

icade ipad

Panasonic SC-BTT770

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Panasonic SC-BTT770 Review

One of the most common ways to relax and unwind is by listening to your favorite music or hearing incredible sounds from the movies you watch. It is a good idea especially if you got a huge passion for the “audio”. However, to come up with a high quality sound, one must have a great brand of sound system. Today, the Panasonic SC-BTT770 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray Cinema Surround Home Entertainment System is considered as one of the best electronic entertainment systems for the serious home theater gadget lovers.

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Panasonic SC-BTT770

It’s not just popular because it produces a high quality sound but also for its unique and stylish design. Its distinctive look can actually turn your place into a more sophisticated ambiance you never feel before. You can put it anywhere you want like in the living room, office and other places. This new advancement of the electronic industry has made an enormous trend in terms of home entertainment.

Furthermore, with its 3D application you will have the chance to feel its amazing 3D experience. This awesome electronic marvel is also applicable for games and watching movies. The sound it produces is definitely not the same as with other entertainment systems that are available in the market. It is because it is made up with a clear sound digital amplifier. Hence, it’s not just a run of the mill device; it’s one of a kind.

With this feature, the original sound will be more highly realistic which is absolutely great in playing your music or watching your favorite films and DVDs. The Panasonic SC-BTT770 5.1 is built in with Viera cast, Netflix and Skype. Therefore you can relish the web entertainment and free video calls while not having to worry on the power consumption.

You will surely not regret to purchase the Panasonic SC-BTT770 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray Cinema Surround Home Entertainment System. With its versatility and quality the investment you will shell out will be worth every penny.

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Wacom DTK2100


Wacom DTK2100 Review

The new Wacom DTK 2100 also known as the Cintiq 21UX, has widen up the boundaries of technical advancements. Its features are as impressive as are the looks and design of the device. Commencing with the display and dimensions of this pen display, you would be pleased to know that it has an advanced 21.3” display with 1200*1600 pixels of resolution. The device gives you an opportunity to experience high picture clarity and thus gives excellent results while printing them out. Also, while working it gives you plenty of space around the screen for other editing options required. The other features make the product even more desirable, where it senses even the slightest touch of the pen and manages to work efficiently with a single gram of force too, it is even enabled with the ability to change the brush size as you increase the level of pressure exerted. Thus the pen can act as every piece of marker available in the market. (Buy on Amazon)

Wacom DTK2100

The monitor carries 16 keys for you to easily modify your settings according to the need of the hour. The keys not only make things simpler but even give you an idea of the current settings before letting you change them. Apart from this, there have been touch sensitive strips installed at the rear which lets you have a better grip to your device and also to speed up your work as it enables you to change the landscape, zoom in or out, change the brush size or scroll around. Continue Reading

Snugg iPad 2 cover

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Best iPad 2 Cover: Toblino, Snugg or Otterbox?

Designed and made for the iPad 2, the three companies have given in their best to cover and provide a built-in stand for the product they are representing. The question arises how much and to what extent each one of them has been successful:

Where Snugg and Toblino 2 have provided a complete covering for the device, the Otterbox has failed to completely cover the screen.

All of the three have carefully shaved off the covers for easy usage of the ports and the camera of the device. Apart from this, the fine grip provided by three, keeps the iPad2 in place and lets you experience the clarity and visualization of the device. Also, each one of them has been designed to be light weight and add as little as possible to the gadget.

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The difference is where the Otterbox has made plugs for the ports; the other two have failed to do so. Also, the Otterbox has no role to play while the iPad2 is slipped into it, but the other two automatically put the device to sleep mode when it is placed inside them and also awakens it as you take it out.

But the 3 have the capability to protect the gadget against dust and breakage. There is a huge difference in price range of the three. All of them have received great feedback for their services, but it seems that they do not differ too much from one another.

Snugg iPad 2 Leather Cover:
Snugg iPad 2 cover

Otterbox Defender:
Snugg iPad 2 cover

Toblino 2 Cover Stand:

Here are direct links to Amazon for each of them. So, you can better judge after reading the customer reviews.

Toblino 2 on Amazon

Otterbox Defender on Amazon

Snugg on Amazon

targus vuscape

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Targus VuScape Protective Cover Stand for iPad 2

I suppose every device requires a cover and if you are in love with it, one would definitely wish for the best. While looking for a cover for my iPad 2, I browsed and found great feedback for the Targus VuScape cover plus stand. I was overwhelmed and ordered it instantly on Amazon.

targus vuscape

As soon as I got my hands on it, it felt like they had been made for each other. The cover actually caresses the device beautifully and keeps it protected against any kind of dust or scratches. Its exterior has been designed in a way to be able to give air to the camera as well. Apart from this, it is really light weight and feels like a feather in comparison to the others I had come across. Along with serving as the best cover ever, Targus VuScape is a perfect stand for operating each and every iPad2 feature. You can adjust your gadget in different angles to suit the purpose, and for typing the lowest angle is the absolute and requiring no other support at all.

ipad 2 cover

And the best thing is that it does not shake while using the device, henceforth I think I am in love with the case and the way it makes working on my iPad 2 as easier as ever. Serving 2 purposes hand-in-hand, the iPad 2 cover has been successful in overcoming all the shortcomings and complaints of the customers of the previous version of cover meant to protect the iPad.

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